Tony Haynes, Lyricist, Author, Poet, Philosopher

I see the end result - Now Iíve got to see a pathway to it,
To make me not give up, when Iím halfway through it,
I need a little faith to watch my steps,
And give me strength in every venue,
To carry on when I myself - Find no reason to continue.

Tony Haynes , A Man Of Many Words

              “Enough Universe To Go Around”

                                         There is enough

               Of the Universe to go around

                                         It is vast and unpretentious –

               Nothingness & something more both

               Fill the motion bound

               In light years passed though pounds & inches –

               No one can claim having no part of it

               It is ever present in our DNA

               The gene we named “God” is at the heart of it

               You & me it’s us

               & we are they

               But this is the stuff people must first

               Enlighten themselves on to expound

               Yet the masses are apprehensive –

               Open only to what they wrap their arms around

               Not to what

               Defies the concept of extensive

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