Tony Haynes, Lyricist, Novelist, Poet, Philosopher

I see the end result - Now I’ve got to see a pathway to it, To make me not give up, when I’m halfway through it, I need a little faith to watch my steps, And give me strength in every venue, To carry on when I myself - Find no reason to continue.

Tony Haynes , A Man Of Many Words



                                  “To Work It All Out In One Lifetime”


                                                      To work it all out

                                                       In one lifetime

                                                       Brings into perspective the intentions of

                                                       Every central character

                                                       To come along, extend love

                                                       And befriend a weary traveler

                                                       Nowhere near completeness


                                                       My theory as unraveler

                                                       Only wants to seek this

                                                       Not some magic greater later, but in the now

                                                       Knowing all the while, I’ll

                                                       Still have issues and more strife time…

                                                      …Yet my wish is that

                                                       I work them all out in this lifetime


                                  From: "Poems In Favor of The Separation Between Church and Hate"



                            “My Latest Project, Not Projecting Any Longer”


                                                    Projecting my insecurities, I tend to do this by

                                                    Resurrecting dead issues

                                                    Overprotecting what amounts to

                                                    Jumping into skin that never sheds dead tissues

                                                    Even when no signs of life survive misfortune

                                                    Constant codes of conduct clash with closure

                                                    This is when succumbing to exposure

                                                     I project my batch of burdens on to you

                                                     Nothing else to do, but

                                                     Grow stronger…

                                                       …And make my latest project

                                                       Not projecting any longer


                                                     From: "This Has Everything To do With My Life"



                                   “Divorce Is The Unraveling Of Attraction”


                                                       Did we do something wrong in mid spree?

                                                       If we stayed together too long, did we

                                                       Violate a sacred trust?

                                                       Overlook what’s

                                                       Right for us?

                                                       Convince me

                                                       Each thing we took in spite was just

                                                       Do that and I will endorse any course of action



                                                       Is the unraveling of attraction

                                                       Vehement with venom like no other

                                                       One bite

                                                       Reduced two people to tears

                                                       Convinced that

                                                       Ending it might lead them to another

                                                       Destined to make up for a break up…

                                                        …That broke through what divorces engineer

                                                       When lost causes have spoke up & spoke through

                                                       What still echoes loud & clear


                                                   From: "A Few Poems I Found In Words From Divorced"



       “A Central Nervous System Reluctant To Draw Upon Its Greatest Reward”


                                                         If you could love me

                                                         Simply for just being, this would be enough


                                                         To love me as I am

                                                         How could

                                                         It not be



                                                         Surely the simple stuff

                                                         Ought not perplex the omniscient


                                                         How else can you explain

                                                         A central nervous system

                                                         Reluctant to

                                                         Draw upon its greatest reward?


                                                         To love in

                                                         Oneness without discord


                                                          Don’t you see the beauty on display?

                                                          On any given day worth seeing

                                                           …In how I love you this way for just being


                                                          From: "Spiritchilism By Definition"



                                                    “We Are Connected”


                                                           We are connected

                                                           Each fragmented particle…

                                                             …Bound by adhesive communion


                                                           And we are connected

                                                           Reached through random articles

                                                           Expounding one adhesive union


                                                            Connected by diversity

                                                            Our difference becomes the same

                                                            Never can we separate disparity from our shame

                                                            Nor discount one’s adversity

                                                            Especially when diverse

                                                            Culminates into a perfect universe

                                                            That proves

                                                            Exactly what I had suspected

                                                            Deity & humanity…

                                                             …We are all connected


                                                          From SpiritChili, Recipes For life"

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